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3810 BlowOut Base

3810 BlowOut Base
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3810 BlowOut™ Base is a versatile special effects ink that will blister and bubble up to form a unique spongy
and textured surface. 3810 BlowOut™ Base can be used alone or in combination with other products to cre-
ate various textures and special printing effects.
  • 3810 BlowOut™ Base can be printed on light or dark fabrics to add interest and dimension to a design.
  • 3810 BlowOut™ Base is press ready and offers excellent wash-fastness after curing, even when printed as a thick textured layer.
  • 3810 BlowOut™ Base can be used on 100% cotton and cotton/poly blend fabrics.
  • 3810 BlowOut™ Base can be tinted using plastisol inks or color concentrates, such as International Coatings’ 7400 Series Color Concentrates.
  • 3810 BlowOut™ Base can be used in combination with other inks (including other special-effectsinks), Discharge systems, or foils to produce a wide range of new innovative looks.
  • 3810 BlowOut™ Base can be printed on top of or underneath other plastisol inks for a variety of textures and designs. A longer drying time or increased temperature will also change the height and texture of the ink surface.
The combination and effects are limited only by one’s imagination!
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