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Rip Software for printing halftones or dither on Epson printers (R1400, R1800, R1900, R2200, R2400, 3000, 3800, 4000, 4800, 4880) Avail for PC or Mac
AccuRIP was built by Screen Printers for Screen Printers. Understanding what screen printers WANT, NEED and DON'T REQUIRE with RIP software allowed Freehand Graphics and its team of engineers to custom build a RIP software that makes the process of outputting files as halftones and stochastic from inkjet devices and select OYO devices FAST, ACCURATE and EASY.

No other solution on the market has been able to deliver the accuracy and simplicity you will find with AccuRIP. And, AccuRIP is also the most affordable solution.
With AccuRIP you will find EXCLUSIVE features designed to improve productivity and save you money from its purchase price through the reduction of consumables. N-UP Printing typically reserved for the larger format devices is available to ALL AccuRIP supported devices. N-UP Printing automatically "gangs up" smaller images on a single film. Calculate your savings over a year and they will be dramatic.

AccuRIP is Compatible with the following Epson Printers:

Epson 1280
Epson 1400
Epson 1520
Epson R1800
Epson R1900
Epson 2200
Epson 2400
Epson 3000
Epson 4000
Epson 4800
Epson 4880
OYO EcoPro

AccuRip 14 Day Trial

Users of the Epson 1520 need to use the Parallel to Eithernet Print Server Adapter (TCP) and setup using the Epson 3000 driver.
Once again AccuRip can either be loaded on MAC or PC.
Mac Users Must have "Tiger" or better.

Product Features:
• Windows and Mac Ready • Network RIP! Unlimited users on a network can simultaneously print. Install on one computer and share the driver through the entire network.
• AccuRIP is a core service which means it is available in all of your applications as a print driver.
• AccuRIP automatically builds a driver based on your printer.
• AccuRIP adds its driver to your system making it available in all applications.
• Drop Size Control allows each user to find the ink laydown best for their device, film media and shop parameters.
• Lock Screens: overrides angle and frequency settings from other applications allowing you to control your results.
• Halftone or FM Screening (dither) are two available options. Many other solutions do not offer dither.
• Simply go to PRINT and AccuRIP is ready to work. AccuRIP has N-Up printing. Similar to nesting, AccuRIP sets up the separations across and down the page to get the maximum number of images on each film. This great feature reduces consumable waste. AccuRIP is 10 megs of clean, intelligent code. It requires over 30 times LESS SYSTEM SPACE than other solutions that can leave over 300 megs in your system. AccuRIP does not alter your system as other solutions do and it does not remove any drivers as others do. Never work with an outdated driver because AccuRIP automatically builds drivers as needed.

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