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Aluminum Screen 23X31

As low as $26.35

McLogan pre-streched 23x31 o.d. Aluminum frames.
Frames are offered 25 tpi - 350 tpi. Plastisol Ink Mesh Count General Guideline:

  • 24-86 Mesh - Specialty Inks.
  • 110 - Most Popular for Light Colors such as White.
  • 160 - Most Popular for Black. Holds More detail than 110 but less ink will pass through the screen.
  • 200-230 - Ink will need to be reduced. Holds high detail.
  • 230-305 - Mostly used for super fine detail half tones and CMYK Process Prints.

When ordering frames please see tech sheet for the ink your are printing or just call and we will be more than happy to help.

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Color#1000 White
File UploaderNo