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Autotype Autosol Plus 9000 Gal



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Product Description:

Autotype Autosol PLUS 9000 is a red pigmented SBQ-based photopolymer direct emulsion. It has been formulated specifically for the production of photostencils used for screen printing garments. PLUS 9000 is a very high solids, fast exposing emulsion and is intended for use with garment printing inks that do not contain water.


SBQ one pot garment emulsion, 47% solids for high build and fast drying, resistant to Plastisol inks only, fast exposure and wide latitude, quick washout, excellent print quality, easily decoatable.


Very fast coating, drying and exposure, ideal for the busy print shop. Excellent print quality for an emulsion. Fast decoating with minimal tendency to \'lock-in\'.

General Information:

See section \'How to use PLUS emulsions\' for detailed advice.


PLUS 9000 is designed for printing any garments that use the following inks:

  • Plastisols that do not contain water.
  • Puff and other expanding inks that do not contain water.

NOTE: For very rigorous garment printing applications such as belt printing, water-based ink printing, or with discharge inks, we recommend the use of PLUS 6000 garment and flatbed textile emulsion.

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ManufacturerMacDermid Autotype
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