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Blackline's D2 recirculation system



Combine the functionality of the DS with a modular, UPS-shippable package and you have the D2, a two-piece solvent recirculation system designed specifically as an ink removal station.

The D2 is durable and easy to assemble, service and maintain. The system holds approximately 11 fewer gallons of solution than the DS but works exactly the same. Dual internal tanks isolate and trap ink sludge and separate it from the solvent, which is then filtered back into the system using a footswitch-driven pump. This allows your biodegradable cleaners to be recirculated and re-used in a system that requires no additional plumbing. With aqueous based solvents, the 20-plus gallon tank can be filled completely with water, using a spray bottle to apply cleaners. Or the tank can be charged with a chemical/water mix, eliminating the need to spray cleaners on each screen.

Model D2 measures 36"L x 24"W x 69"T

D2 Standard Features

  • 20-plus gallon tank
  • Dual tanks to isolate sludge
  • Built-in screen supports hold screens in place
  • Comes with chemical pump and plumbing
  • No additional plumbing needed
  • Site window for fluid-level monitoring
  • Ships regular UPS ground
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