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Carbon Fiber Heat Transfer Vinyl 19''

Carbon Fiber
As low as $18.95

Carbon Fiber 19" come's in 3 different colors. Black, Silver and Gold.

They add fun to lettering, numbers or your custom design. Some patterns are gravure printed for a textured look and feel. Pressure-sensitive and transparent liner enables easy repositioning. You can use FashionFlex™ films with our ThermoFlex® and other fashion lines to add value and depth to your designs.

No nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester or moisture-wicking materials.

Instructions on Features page

1. Heating Temperature


2. Pressure &Time

17 - 20 seconds with Medium pressure.

3. Application Instruction

Cutting Application (Plotter cut, die cut, or laser cut)

  1. Plotter cut design in reverse cut.
  2. Remove unwanted area and go to Heat Press Application process.

Heat Press Application

  1. Press at the above heating temperature for 17 - 20 seconds from top clear protective film with medium pressure
  2. Lift up press.
  3. You may peel off clear protective layer on top of reflective layer without cooling.
  4. Peel warm and repress for 2 seconds


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