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Cold Peel Transfer Paper 75



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 A white, non-parchment sheet that is the most stable paper available. Works well for multicolor designs with minimal paper shrinkage. Excellent for screen printing, lithography and cold-peel heat transfers. 25"x38"

Inks: International Coatings Mulitpurpose, 700 series, or 1100 series Plastisol.

Directions: The inks should be printed straight from the container on a coated, cold peel release paper. When ordering paper for cold peel transfers, make sure to specify cold peel application. Inks can be printed through a 61 to 160 monofilament screen mesh. The screen mesh used will depend on design detail and the ink being used. Glitter inks should be printed through 16T to 25T monofilament mesh for best results. The gelation temperature for Multipurpose, 700 and 1100 Series inks is 225°F to 275°F (107°C to 135°C).  Use a 60 to 70 durometer squeegee with a sharp to rounded edge. The squeegee edge used will depend on the ink being printed, detail of the design and ink deposit required. Colors for cold peel transfers can be overlapped, because the ink is not split when applied. Poor adhesion and/or elongation (stretch) may result from over gelation of the inks. The last color should always be the white. Next add the transfer adhesion powder that is applied to the plastisol ink before the transfer is gel cured. Sprinkle the powder over the design and shake off excess powder into a bucket. ( so you can re-use)


Internet only: If you order over 100 sheets we will cut it to any size for free. Please add what size you would like it cut to in the comment box during checkout.

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