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Franmar Aqua Wash Water Based Ink Cleaner

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Franmar Aqua Wash
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Franmar Aqua Wash is made for those who work with water-based inks, Franmar’s water-based ink remover saves screens by cleaning dried water-based inks from screens that could not otherwise be cleaned and reused. Its multiple benefits include virtually no odor, 100% biodegradable, drain-safe, minimal ghosting, and no caustics. What’s more, Franmar’s water-based ink remover allows easy and more effective cleaning of water-based ink.

  • Removes dried water-based ink
  • More effective than water
  • Tough on high-pigment inks
  • Clean water-based inks BETTER than ever before!
  • Even cleans dried water-based inks
  • Virtually eliminates mesh ghosting
  • Less frustration when cleaning
  • Spend more time printing and less time cleaning!


Removal of Water Based Inks

1. Remove all excess ink from screen.

2. Spray or pour on a minimal amount of Aqua•Wash™.

3. Scrub screen with a dedicated Mcscrub Pad

4. Rinse screen clean with water or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Note: If tape doesn't stick, allow screen to dry or wipe screen again with a damp cloth.

Caution: Aqua•Wash is not designed to keep water-based inks wet in the screen for continuous printing. Aqua•Wash is designed only to remove and clean water-based inks.

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