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The 902 Nylon Black Ink must be mixed with the 900LF Catalyst before printing nylon. The 900 Catalyst comes in 2 oz. and 8 oz. containers and should be hand stirred into the ink to the following proportions:

  • By volume = 16 parts ink to 1 part catalyst
  • By weight = 20 parts ink to 1 part catalyst
  • 1 oz. Catalyst to 1 pint of ink
  • 2 oz. Catalyst to 1 quart of ink
  • 8 oz. Catalyst to 1 gallon of ink

Ink may be used immediately after mixing. Do not mix more ink than is needed for a job. Do not under catalyze the ink. Pot life of ink mixesd with catalyst is 4 to 8 hours. Over catalyzation will shorten pot life of ink. The catalyst creates a chemical bond to adhere the ink to the nylon fibers.

If printing multiple colors, be sure to flash in-between each color.

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