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Image 1 Impact Wrap Gloves 1 Pair



Part# WG1 WrapGlove (1 pair).

When Squeegees aren’t enough...Vehicle Wrap and digital

print films are getting thinner and more comfortable.
Simply installing and handling these films with your bare

hands can cause overstretching, puckering and damage.

Faster, easier wraps and digital media work, guaranteed!

• A unique blend of fibers that has taken years to develop
• They don’t shed-no lint or fibers on your adhesive
• They don’t transfer your skins oils
• They can be used to handle the adhesive side of digital and

wrap films
• They are washable so you can use them for a very long time
• Reduce/remove friction when hand cutting vinyl
• Protects graphics when handling
• Installers and Cutting room employees should use these now

Created by Professionals...Professionals use the best tools for their trade.

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