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Kimoto ink jet film sc4

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Kimoto Silkjet is a high-quality polyester 4 mil film designed for InkJet printers using Photographic Dye-Based ink. Screenprinters use Clear Kimoto InkJet Film as a positive for burning screens. This is an inexpensive alternative to using a camera. Not compatible with Ultra-Chrome Inks. Silkjet media are inkjet printable film positives used to burn screens the same way as our Kimodesk products are utilized. We recommend piezo-type inkjet printers for Silkjet products such as Epson.

Key Benefits include:
Polyester base imparts dimensional stability.
Single-side printable with anti-static properties.
UC5 type can be imaged with both pigment and dye-based ink jet inks.
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Color#1000 White
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