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Mack 1962 Jet Stroke Black Ox Hair Quill

Mack's 1962 Jet Stroke black ox hair Quill has been a favorite of truck letterers for generations. The pure squirrel-synthetic mixture provides the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility, while the long length and seamless nickel ferrules make it easy to produce precise, consistent lettering. The dark brown handles are comfortable to hold and provide excellent control. Best for one-stroke lettering for quick and easy application. Available in 7 sizes, Mack's 1962 Jet Stroke black ox hair Quill is the perfect tool for any truck letterer.

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The Mack 1962 Jet Stroke black ox hair Quill is a versatile lettering brush that can be used on most surfaces. It is made of a mixture of pure blue squirrel and synthetic hair, which gives it a soft feel and makes it very durable. The long hair length allows the brush to carry a lot of paint, making it ideal for larger letters and production lettering. The flat ferrule and the graduated hair lengths give the brush a professional look and feel.

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