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Nazdar 9700 Series All Purpose Ink

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Nazdar 9700 is a product designed to eliminate the need for many different inks on plastics, paper, cardboard, Tyvek, pressure sensitive film, and precoated metal. Nazdar 9700 adhesion characteristics of the product arc so unusual, it should be tried on any surface. Nazdar 9700 produces a high gloss tough flexible film suitable for vacuum forming. The pigments used in the product have been carefully selected to ensure maximum exterior durability. SUBSTRATES: Styrene, ABS, Vinyl Sheet and Pressure-Sensitive Film, Tyvek, Coated Metal, Artcor, Paper, Cardboard, C.A.B., Acetate. USES: Decals, POP Signs.

230-355 tpi (90-140 tpcm) monofilament polyester mesh for most applications
Solvent resistant direct emulsions and capillary films
70-80 durometer polyurethane squeegee
1,400-2,000 square feet (130 - 185 square meters) per gallon depending upon ink deposit
Add only enough ink to the screen to be able to print for 5-10 minutes. Add additional ink in small increments through out the print run to maintain screen stability. Thoroughly mix the inks prior to printing.
Maintain ink temperatures at 65°-90°F (18°-32°C) for optimum print drying performance. Lower temperatures increase the ink viscosity, impairing both flow and drying. Elevated temperatures lower the ink viscosity, reducing print definition, film thickness and opacity.
Pretest to determine optimum printing performance for a particular set of ink, substrate, screen, press, and drying variables/conditions.
Nazdar 9700 Series ink will air dry in 15-20 minutes at normal room temperature. Force drying is achieved in 40-60 seconds at 90°-150°F (32 ̊-66°C). It is important to have good air flow to help remove solvents and accelerate drying. If the temperature is too high without good air flow, blocking may occur when the sheets are stacked warm.
Overprint Clear / Mixing Clear / Metallic Mixing Clear: Use 9727 Mixing/Overprint Clear as an overprint clear to provide added surface protection and extend outdoor durability. Use as a mixing clear to reduce the density of colors or as a clear base for specialty additives such as Metallics.
All additives should be thoroughly mixed into the ink before each use. Prior to production, test any additive adjustment to the ink.
Reducer: Use RE180 Thinner or RE185 Fast Thinner to reduce the viscosity of these inks. Add up to 20% by weight.
Retarder: Use 9731 Retarder to slow drying. Add up to 10% by weight.
Adhesion Promoter: Use NB72 Catalyst to provide additional adhesion to certain surfaces, such as corrugated polypropylene and some coated metals. The addition of NB72 Catalyst can cause yellowing of the ink film upon exposure to sunlight.
 Use NB80 Adhesion Promoter instead of NB72 Catalyst to reduce the potential for yellowing. Add up to 10% by weight. Ink mixed with NB72 Catalyst or NB80 Adhesion Promoter has a 6-12 hour pot life.
Gloss / Flattening Powders / Improved Slip: Use 9748 Flattening Paste to prevent blocking on highly plasticized substrates and coated card stocks. Use 9748 Flattening Paste to prevent the ink from penetrating into Tyvek®. Add up to 20% by weight.

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