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Nippon Carbide Nikkalite Reflective 4800 series Engineering

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4800 Nikkalite
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Nikkalite is sold by the Yard (24 x Yard)

Other Widths available upon special order.  Call us at 1-800-McLogan to order

Nikkalite Brand 48000 Series Flexible Engineering Grade (ELG) retro-reflective sheeting is a product manufactured for use as fleet markings, vehicle markings, stickers, decals, etc. which can be screened with multi-colored inks that will adhere very well to this sheeting. Coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive protected with an easily removable liner, this sheeting is easy to handle because of its great flexibility and is capable of giving high retroreflectivity.

Best results are obtained when applied to flat surfaces, but it can be applied successfully to corrugated surfaces. It is also used on commercial signs and various labels and highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weathering conditions.


Since Nikkalite® 48000 Series retro-reflective sheeting often is applied to vehicles outdoors, special care must be taken to clean the application surface immediately prior to application of the sheeting. Use neutral detergent solution or mild solvents to remove oil, stain and other similar types of petroleum-based contaminants.

Nikkalite® 48000 Series retro-reflective sheeting can be applied using a hand roller in the case of small signs, cutout letters, and legends, and can be applied on substrates through the use of a hand or motor-driven roller applicator. If air bubbles form under the sheeting, puncture the sheeting with a pin and squeeze out the air through the perforations.

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