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Power Template for Screen Registration



Finally a screen printing registration template that's printed on backlight film for a easy way to register your screen printing frames. This template will save you time and make it easy for lining up spot colors and four color process jobs. It measures 26"x36" for 20"x24" and 23"x31" screen printing frames. The template comes with center line registration and left and right pocket registration a must for any screen printing business. Every template comes with how to instructions.

Please note template does not come with a stand

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Make sure your film positive has center registration marks.
  2. Line up the center registration marks on your artwork to the center lines on the pre-registration template.
  3. Tape your artwork down to the pre-registration template right side up.
  4. Pull out the appropriate size screen for your job and place it in the according outline for your size screen on the pre-registration templete.
  5. Using a soft tip black marker make a mark on your screen where each registration mark is on the artwork
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have marked all screens needed for that job.
  7. When finished marking the screens needed. Tape each film positive to your screen using the center registration marks and the marks that you applied to each screen.
  8. Burn your screen!

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