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Ranar XPO-2848 Exposure Unit With LED



The affordable Ranar Expo LED. Series, screen exposure units allow you to make best possible screen images while increasing production. Ideal for the small to medium size screen printing shop looking for a upgrade to screen stencil making. Our Led lights have a high density bright ultraviolet lights which are optimized for the exposure of screen printing emulsions and capillary films with consistent U.V. Light. Unlike metal halide blubs that run at high temperatures, require frequent replacement and degrade over time, we designed our exposure units with Cool U.V. Light strips that never dim or require time adjustment with age. LED lights are energy efficient and have long life of over 50k hrs without loss of intensity. U.V. LED Light exposure units provide ultra fast accurate exposure times with high resolution of half-tones and crisp detail of the finest designs.
Screen Printing Pre-Press

Increase production in your screen room, with these high output LED ultraviolet lights. With no down time between exposures or waiting for bulbs to cool, you could easily burn 100 screens in a day. Quickly expose direct and indirect emulsions such as Diazo, Photopolymers, Dual Cure, and Capillary Films. LED technology lights start instantly and have accurate repeatable exposure times.

XPO2331 LED Lights Front View

It's as easy as turning on the viewing lights, positioning the film positive and screen frame to the glass, lowering the vacuum frame and pushing a button. The vacuum quickly draws down the blanket around the frame which holds the film and screen mesh flat to the glass, and your screen image is burned into emulsion with UV. light in a matter of seconds. Then wash out your image with nozzled water pressure in a wash out booth and your finished.
Screen Printing Equipment

Models available :

XPO-2331-LED, screen frame capacity (1) 20x24 or (1) 23x31 inches
XPO-2848-LED, screen frame capacity (2) 20x24 or (1) 23x31 or (1) 28x48 inches

USA. 120 or 220 Volts 50/60 Hz

Screen Printing Emulsion Exposure Times

Photopolymers emulsions 10-20 seconds
Dual cure 40-60 seconds

(Exposure time vary depending on emulsion type and thickness)

The Expo Series LED exposure units has an easy to use control panel that includes a digital count-down timer with programmable pre sets, on/off power switch, yellow safe light viewing switch , vacuum and exposure light switches which can operate manual or with the auto count-down timer. The frame is hinged and has a gas shock for easy lifting. These exposure units also have a reinforced blanket that absorbs light and resist tearing and pin holes. The blanket easily conforms to the screen frame when the vacuum motor instantly draws down blanket to provide consistent film, screen contact to the glass. A safety switch is also included so light will not activate when the vacuum frame is open.

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