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Rhino Bond Instant Adhesive 16 oz

There is no bond like RhinoBond! When making your own screen printing screens, you need an adhesive that will withstand the strong screen tensions for the best quality prints. 



The RhinoBond Adhesive systems are ready to use as-is, no premixing of solvents required. This is a very strong hold, offering more than 70 newtons of tension holding capabilities. For an instant dry setting, use the McLogan Frame Activator. This adhesive will stick to both aluminum and wood surfaces and is non-hazardous. For best results, clean the surface thoroughly using acetone or isopropyl alcohol prior to bonding. Rough up with the surface using a type of sandpaper or wire so the adhesive has something to grip onto. If using a wood screen, make sure the surface is dry and clean of dust and prior applications. 

  • Tension holding capabilities up to 90 newtons

  • RhinoBond Instant Frame Adhesives excel in their performance with a shear strength of 3200 psi, a tensile strength of up to 3625 psi, and a peel strength of 2.8 pli.

Suggested Viscosity for mesh:

  • 25-85 = 1500 cps

  • 85-160 = 700 cps

  • 160-305 = 100 cps

  • 260+ = 5  cps

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