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Roland DG Service Contracts
At Roland DG we understand how much your business relies on the smooth running of your devices. That's why we offer an added safeguard with Roland DG Service Contracts that provide on-site service coverage for your Roland DG machine after your original manufacturer's warranty has expired. You can even purchase your Service Contract at the time of your purchase so your coverage doesn't run out once the original warranty expires.

What is the benefit of a Service Contract?

  • No unexpected repair costs
  • Peace-of-mind knowing your machine is covered
  • Roland-trained technicians using genuine Roland DG parts – our dealers get trained and certified to work on Roland DG devices which means your machine is safe in their hands
  • Freedom of choice – once you have a Roland DG Service Contract, it's valid with all Roland DGA dealers 
  • Same as the manufacturer's warranty – you'll get the same service coverage as you did during the original limited warranty period.

Yes, Roland DG machines are reliable, but nothing is infallible and things can go wrong - planning for the worst is the smart thing to do. You may need that added assurance that your business is safe and that you won't need to spend any extra cash to get it up-and running again.

Each additional one-year contract period provides you with full-coverage for all parts and labor, including print heads. Excludes consumables and customer replacement items. Subject to restrictions.


Labor, Travel & Parts

  • Print Heads [value of $895 - $2,400/ea.]
  • Boards [value of $1,521 - $2,628/ea.]
  • Pumps [value of $73 - $99ea.]
  • Motors [value of $288 - $840/ea.]
  • Damper [value of $28 - $44.40/ea.]
  • Cartridge Holder [value of $136.50/ea.]
  • Power Unit [value of $387.50 - $630/ea.]
  • VS/XR/XF model Cap Top [value of $77.10]
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