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Sta-Sharp S3S Knifecut Film - Water Resistant

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Ulano STA-SHARP S3S is a tough, durable, long-lived, trouble-free, water resistant stencil for poster and general screen work. This is the fastest cutting and peeling film ever, because of its very smooth, stable 300-gauge cutting surface.
The backing sheet comes off quickly, in one piece and it won't shrink or expand in any weather. Ulano S3S adheres fast and has excellent stick-back qualities for easy corrections. It's easy to see through, and the glare-free green is easy on the eyes so you can work comfortably all day long. Lay it down and it stays absolutely flat for perfect contact and even in larger sizes, it won't belly out.
Mesh must be completely degreased and dried.

Provide a perfect contact between the dry mesh and S3S emulsion by positioning the S3S, emulsion up, on a piece of glass, smaller than the inside measurements of the frame. 

A cold air fan helps to adhere film safely. 

Make ready two clean, absorbent rags or cotton wads and the appropriate adhering liquid.
• Wet a clean rag with the Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid and take it into the right hand.
• Take dry rag into your left hand.
• Keep hands together and pass over the film almost simultaneously with one stroke across the mesh in one direction.
• Turn dry rag in left hand after each stroke so the fresh rag picks up extra fluid.

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