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Specialty Materials Thermoflex Glitter Flex Ultra Heat Transfer Vinyl 19''

GlitterFlex® Ultra HTV is the chicest way to add flair and glam to your high fashion garments! This is a very popular heat transfer vinyl, as it yields a high shimmer glitter that will catch your eye. Layer these vinyls with our ThermoFlex® Plus heat transfer vinyls, and embody endless creativity!

As low as $15.00

Elevate your vinyl creations with the highly sought-after GlitterFlex® Ultra heat transfer vinyl.  This stunning film is just as user-friendly as the popular ThermoFlex® Plus heat transfer vinyl, with its easy-to-transfer and weed sticky carrier adhesive. What sets this print apart, is the real polyester glitter flakes that fill the surface. Have no fear, these shining glitter flakes are embedded in the durable heat sealing adhesive, so that means no shedding! The glitter pieces are all very small and identical in size, showcasing brilliantly. The glitter will dazzle in all lights, adding that special touch! To add to your creative options, we offer 25 colors to choose from. The unique Holo colors are created with variations of colored glitter and will pick up on tones of the base fabric.  GlitterFlex® Ultra heat transfer vinyl will also lend itself to be sublimated onto. This is a soft, stretchy, thin vinyl, perfect for dainty designs yet durable enough for bigger projects. An X-Acto Retract-A-Blade and heat transfer pillows are helpful tools to complete these jobs.. Popular for children’s attire, event t-shirts, mugs, and tumblers. Don't be afraid of being extra, in this case, the more glitter the better!

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