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Specialty Materials ThermoFlex Plus Glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl 15''

ThermoFlex Plus Glossy is the must-have addition to your HTV arsenal. This vinyl has a glossy, smooth sheen, that is the perfect balance of shiny without the bling. Available in 6 basic colors, ideal for sports teams, apparel and merchandise!

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Thermoflex Plus Glossy is the gleaming finish version of Thermoflex Plus. Similar to Thermoflex Glitter Flex Ultra and DecoFilm Soft Metallics, this HTV portrays that stand out glimmer, without the extra sparkle. This adds that extra bit of shine while upholding professionalism and durability, popular for sports jerseys, canvas bags and special events!  Just like original ThermoFlex Plus, you can expect easy use, simple weeding and repositioning. When applied properly, it will not crack or pucker. This heat transfer vinyl really blends into the fabric after application, giving it the high end look and feel. ThermoFlex Plus Glossy is a polyurethane based material that is tough yet workable. This film is long-lasting, flexible and has a soft hand. It is great to layer on top of ThermoFlex Plus, but not recommended to be layered beneath. ThermoFlex Plus Glossy is available in 6 colors with a smooth glossy finish. 

Features: ThermoFlex® PLUS Glossy can be applied to

  • Cotton

  • Polyester

  • Cotton/polyester blends

  • Acrylic/polyester blends

  • Lycra

  • Spandex

  • Wool

  • Linen

Not suitable for nylon, dazzle cloth, or shiny polyester.

Additional Info:  

1. Heating Temperature


2. Pressure & Time

17 - 20 seconds with Medium pressure.

3. Application Instruction

Cutting Application (Plotter cut, die cut, or laser cut)

Plotter cut design in reverse cut.

Remove unwanted area and go to Heat Press Application process.

Heat Press Application

Press at the above heating temperature for 17 - 20 seconds from top clear protective film with medium pressure

Lift up press.

You may peel off the clear protective layer on top of the reflective layer without cooling.

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