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Ulano Blue Poly 2 40x300



Available Roll Sizes:
44"x300" Please allow extra time.

Ulano Blue Poly 2 Indirect films offer superior fine detail reproduction; sharp printing edges; uniform stencil thickness; predictable standardized exposures; close control of stencil thickness, hence ink deposit; fast and simple stencil production; and easy stencil removal for efficient mesh recovery. All Ulano Blue Poly 2 gelatin-based Indirect Films are totally solvent resistant. The topcoat on Ulano Indirect Films prevents tackiness underconditions of heat and high humidity.
Ulano Blue Poly 2 Gelatin Indirect System Photographic Films provide the ultimate in stencil resolution and definition. The film is exposed, developed in A + B solution to harden the exposed aread, (except Ulanolux UP3 and Pulsar), washed out and adhered to the mesh of a screen. After drying and blocking out, the transparent backing is removed.

All Indirect System Photographic Films consist of a light-sensitive emulsion coated on a transparent base or backing sheet, with special adhesives.
Indirect Films, (sometimes referred to as transfer films), are ideal for applications involving shorter (2,000 - 4,000 impressions) printing runs, fine details, and excellent definition; and for easy, reproducible, clean stencil production.

Underexposed: Stencil will be thin (and look thin) resulting in poor press endurance. Underexposing for resolution much finer than the job you will print sacrifices durability. 

Overexposed: Stencil will be thick (and look thick) resulting in poor adhesion due to overhardening.

• Press-ready stencils in as little as 30 minutes
• Stencil thickness, hence ink deposit, can be adjusted by exposure
• Superior solvent resistance
• Dimensional stability of backing material promotes excellent registration
• Humidity-protective topcoat layer guards against tackiness under humid conditions
• Completely phthalate free
• Simple handling requirements
• No messy chemicals, no liquid emulsions
• No darkroom or soft-blanket vacuum frame required
• Presensitized
• Stencil can be examined before transfer to screen
• Excellent storage properties
• Fast, easy stencil removal
• Optical flatness of support layer promotes excellent definition for line and halftone work.

, medium thickness emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Combines wide exposure latitude with excellent resolution. Ideal for general screen printing work. Resolution: 75 - 100 microns (3 - 4 mils).

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