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Wrap Gloves

  • Purpose-Built for Speed & Surface Protection
  • Tactility (Medium) Insurance when gripping tools
  • Static Resistant
  • Lint Resistant
  • Reinforced Hand and Fingertips
  • Form-Fit Cuff design
  • Will Outlast all Gloves in its space
  • Made in the USA
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The WrapGlove® is a specially constructed tool with specific features for the professional decal applicator. (Not an off the shelf glove-like all of the others) literally, a purpose-built tool. The combined features of the WrapGlove® V3 enable the installer to achieve a high level of accuracy and tactility during the application, enabling the installer to work faster while protecting both the adhesive and finished surfaces from contamination. Effectively the V3 allows for the installer to ALWAYS work towards the final finish.

The WrapGlove® is made in the USA

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