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4 Advantages to Permaset Water-Based Fabric & Paper Printing Inks

Eco FriendlySome of our favorite fabric printing color inks are a water-based. They are perfect for creating fabric, vinyl and paper artwork. Moreover, there is broad range of water-based inks including metallic and fluorescent colors allowing unlimited creative possibilities.

There are four main advantages of water-based inks:

1. They create a soft, durable result on textiles, paper and vinyl 2. Are more friendly to the environment 3. Equipment can be easily cleaned up with water 4. They do not contain PVC or phthalates, known to have negative effects on health with prolonged exposure

One of the reasons we like Permaset Aqua, their water-based inks, is they do not contain any known chemicals toxic to humans or the environment. It is formulated free from lead and other heavy metals and passed the Oekotex Class 1 standard by a large margin. It’s considered so safe that it can be used on baby clothes under two years and for underwear and swimwear.

Permaset textile printing inks are also free of ozone-depleting chemicals like CFC's and HCFC's, aromatic hydrocarbons or any volatile solvents. In addition, since you don't need solvents to clean the screens, you can clean them with water, there are no harmful chemicals added to the process.

Screen printing companies have used other water-based inks, but in the past, they were difficult to use due to air-drying. They were also not as durable, versatile and opaque as Permaset inks.

Permaset water-based textile printing inks were developed to correct those limitations. They are durable when washed or dry-clean and offer intense pigmenting for exceptional coverage, opaqueness and color intensity. These ink colors have light-fastness ratings of at least 8 on the Blue Wool scale –compared to other colors received ratings of 6.

The Permaset water-based inks are environmentally friendly, soft to the touch, exceptionally durable and in the case of Super Covers, excellent opacity in a range of colors.

Come by one of our four McLogan stores and we will show you how easy these inks are to use!

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