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Day Glo

Day Glo is a top selling product for us here at Mclogan. If you aren't familiar with Day Glo and the different types of series here's some information: DayGlo 215 Series Screamin' Paint is premium fluorescent solvent-based brushing paint. This product is used for short term, bright signage. This enamel paint is not water based, therefore can be used in a variety of applications that are exposed to the elements. Applications can be anywhere that requires high visibility brushing paints such as navigational aids, safety markings, equipment, machinery, fire protection equipment, first aid kits, traffic controls, boats, buoys, docks, and life saving equipment. The 215 must have a white base to be at it's brightest. Two coats are recommended and to extend the life of the colors we recommend the 215-08 Filter Ray (clear top coat), just brush it over the color. DaygloPaintCan The Day Glo WAW (waterbased paint) Series is a premium fluorescent water-based brushing pain. The WAW Tempera Paint is suitable for application on posters, show-cards, layouts, and displays. It is especially useful for short-term exterior displays such as signs on glass windows and automobiles. It has excellent adhesion to display materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, and many plastic foams. One of the primary uses of this product is for window decorations and displays. This product is NOT water/rain proof and the user must determine the suitability of the application, desired coats and you may want to add the clear coat to help preserve the display. A white base coat is recommended so that the product is at it's brightest. DCF 1.0 All Day Glo products work under black lights, so the uses and applications are endless. Let your imagination go and the Day Glo color will definitely enhance and brighten your next project! thumb_binarystorage_835_fcp_640x351616_f520600Window-Signs-5-windowpainting.com_
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