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Gen IV Eco Screen Printing Ink

International Coatings GEN IV Screen Printing InkInternational Coatings Gen IV is the eco-friendly screen printing ink that you will want to try. These inks are PVC-free, Phthalate-free, eco-friendly. Unlike other eco-friendly inks, GEN IV inks are creamy and full-bodied and offer the coverage, opacity and performance of plastisols.

In addition to being PVC-free and Phthalate-free, GEN IV does not contain any heavy metals or other harmful materials. GEN IV has been tested by independent labs and certified as meeting Oeko-Tex standards. GEN IV was developed to provide optimal performance on both manual and automatic printers. Our screen printing shoppers are loving the soft hand and coverage that even works on darker garments.

GEN IV inks do not dry on the screen and cleanup is simple – all that’s needed is water. No harsh solvents or chemicals are necessary!

GEN IV’s initial product line consists of 19 primary colors and several specialty inks. The colors can be used as stock printing colors or as color primaries in the GEN IV color matching system. The initial line of GEN IV specialty inks include a Clear Base, Puff Additive, Foil/Transfer Adhesive, and a Glitter Base.

Here are actual scans of the color palette being offered (excluding white):

new_gen_4_clip_image006 new_gen_4_clip_image008

The buzz word is “Green”. Every screen printer wants to be Green, but very few want to use Green inks because that usually requires water base. The reason most printers don’t want to use water based inks is because unlike plastisol, they can dry quickly in the screen.

Welcome to Gen IV. It’s not a true water based ink, but does require a water resistant stencil and needs to be washed up with water. The difference is, GEN IV is Green, does not dry quickly in the screen and is very opaque. I worked with it and it has most of the positive aspects of plastisol, from stretching to the opacity. The big difference is it can be ironed 24 hours after it has gone through the dryer, it’s Green and if it dries in the screen, a few hard print strokes and the screen is open again.

To purchase Gen IV inks click here. If you would like to try a sample then call us here and we will have a McLogan representative send a sample your way. We look forward to working with you and we are excited to be selling products that help to keep the environment safe.

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