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Glass Vinyl Application

Glass vinyl application is commonly used to display a store's name/logo, business hours, and current promotions. Maximize the window space of your business to further help reach your audience, and to build your clientele with vinyl! Click HERE to watch the video of Jett breaking down the entire application process. The products used in the video: -Rapid Tac Rapid Tac Application Fluid works as a cleaning solution to prep the glass, further helping prep a clean glass surface for your vinyl stickers. This fluid gives just enough slide to float your vinyl into the correct position before you squeegee it into place, where as other fluids may become sticky or dry too quickly. -Oracal Transparent Vinyl 8300 -R-Tape 4075 Application tape -Squeegee Remove liquid and air bubbles from your design using the soft edge first, and then the hard edge to allow the vinyl to properly adhere. You always want to use your squeegee at a 45 degree angle to keep equal pressure throughout the squeegee blade and to get an even placement of your design. -Graphtec CE 6000-60 Plus Series Plotter Be sure to watch the video! If you have any questions or comments leave them on YouTube.
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