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Learn the Art of Screen Printing

Learn the Art of Screen Printing

Have you always wanted to learn screen printing and start your own T-shirt printing business? Look no further than McLogan Supply's Screen Printing 101 Academy Class. Our two-day class will teach you everything from exposing screens to the business side of screen printing. Read on to find out more about our upcoming class this January 2024.

CMYK Print

Our Screen Printing Class will be held on Friday, January 19, 2024, from 9 AM to 4 PM, and on Saturday, January 20, 2024, from 9 AM to 3 PM. This two-day class will cover everything you need to know to start your own screen printing business, including the theory and practice of screen printing, creating artwork and stencils, exposing screens, proper ink application, curing and handling printed items, and more. The class is designed specifically for budding entrepreneurs who want to enter the T-shirt printing business. At the end of this two-day class, you'll be fully equipped with the beginning knowledge to start your own business and take on the world of screen printing.

Partial CMYK print

 To ensure that each student receives individualized attention from our instructor, we are keeping the class size to a maximum of 12 people. This will allow our instructor to work closely with each student, answering questions and providing personalized feedback.

The academy will be located at McLogan Supply's flagship store, situated at 2010 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90007. McLogan Supply has been in the screen printing business for over 100 years and has become a go-to source for everyone from established screen printers to beginners.

Exposure Unit

As part of the class, we are offering special pricing on equipment and supplies for all students attending the two-day class. This means you can take advantage of our discounted rates on screen printing machines, inks, squeegees, and more to help kickstart your screen printing business!

To ensure that our students can concentrate on learning, we will be providing lunch on both days as well as refreshments during the day. Please note, there will be no Vegan options available.

As a token of appreciation, we will be providing each student with a free T-shirt. Please specify your desired shirt size in the comment box at checkout. If no comment is left, we will supply either Large or XL shirts.

Screen Emulsion

In conclusion, the McLogan Supply Screen Printing 101 Academy Class is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in taking the first steps towards a new entrepreneurial adventure in T-shirt printing. The classes are designed with the customer in mind, providing all the necessary information and tools to make a strong start in the screen printing industry. With limited spots available, you don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Register now and take the first step towards turning your passion for screen printing into a reality.

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