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New Product: FlipFold

We just got the FlipFolds in and we can't stop folding! These things are so easy to use and are perfect for every screen printing shop, apparel store and home. Check out the video below to see how easy it is. *The steps are in the name just flip, flip, flip and fold. It's that simple! *FlipFold is the ultimate shirt and laundry folder. Use FlipFold on almost anything. *It works on any shirt including long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, button down and collared shirts. Use FlipFold for folding your pants, jeans, shorts, skirts-even towels and sheets! th-1 th
FLIPFOLD #flip #tshirt #easy #mclogan #$16.95 #buyitnow — (@mclogansupply) June 20, 2013
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