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Roland Printer Cutter BN 20 - Powerful, Profit Producing, Easy

With the Roland Printer Cutter BN 20, Roland has taken everything that makes a Roland printer great and packed it into one powerful, profit-producing package. Not only does this machine cut, but it prints with award-winning mild solvent inks. The Roland Printer Cutter BN 20 makes your media options endless, whether you are printing with metallic inks or white ink. This one machine can be used as a t-shirt printing press, a sign making machine, or both and all from your own computer.

Roland Printer Cutter BN 20

The Roland BN 20 utilizes the same advanced print technology as Roland’s VersaCAMM VS series. The new piezo inkjet head prints up to 1440 dpi using variable droplet technology with seven precise droplet sizes to optimize image quality. Roland Intelligent Pass Control™ Technology delivers exceptional quality prints with smoother gradations, richer density and deeper image saturation for photographic and vector output. Best of all, the print technology is built to last. The gold-plated head reduces static, preventing clogging, and a patent-pending wiper system decreases wear and tear on the print head and prolongs its life by reducing buildup.

  • Create custom labels, stickers, or graphics for any occasion or product. Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX inks can be printed as a spot color for vibrant silver text/graphics.

Roland Printer Cutter BN 20 from McLogan Supply

  • Roland's print-cut technology is great for a one-step seamless production cycle for window signs.

Decal produced on the Roland Printer Cutter BN 20

  • No Roland has ever been easier to use. The BN-20 functions through VersaStudio utility software. The software package is actively open in Windows task bar and controls basic machine functions, status and calibrations. This software also monitors replacement of consumable parts like the blades and wipers.
  • The bundled design software comes with your Roland Printer Cutter BN 20. Once you purchase your BN 20 you will also get the VersaStudio complete with R-Works, an easy to use design package created by Roland. It allows you to import stock photos or your own personal photos, create original layouts with text, and edit custom print and cut graphics. Some people design in Photoshop or Illustrator and then bring their image into VersaStudio, but that is just a preference and not always necessary.
  • A Vector art library is also on R-Works to help get you designing with stock images.

All Roland Printers come with a 2 year warranty and certain McLogan employees are specifically trained in dealing with all Roland products. Call Jett today at 818-718-0888 or Danny 715-999-1194 to schedule a meeting to view and use this Roland Printer Cutter.

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