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Save Money with Mclogan Screen Printing Chemicals

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 7.40.03 PM Why choose Mclogan Chemicals? Mclogan Chemicals are bought in large quantities from the top manufacturers to ensure that our customers are getting the lowest possible prices, but still the highest quality products that they are used to. In this blog we will highlight each chemical, how to use it and how these chemicals are the exact same as some of the brands you may be using.
  • Mclogan Screen Opener is the same product as the Sprayway 957 Instant Screen Opener; use this spray to unclog your screens. This can happen when you screen print where your ink may begin to dry and get clogged in the mesh. Some screen printers also use this product to clean their squeegees.
  • Mclogan Flash Adhesive (Super Flash Adhesive 384) when doing multiple color printing jobs flash adhesive is the best chemical to use when you flash your different colors. Regular adhesive will start to break down during an 8-10 second flash, which can move your shirt and then the colors/image will not line up correctly.
  • Mclogan Spray Adhesive this is mainly for single color screen printing, or if you needed to secure your paper stock.
  • Mclogan Degreaser product made by CCI. This is your FIRST step in screen printing to ensure that your screen is free of all grease before you put on your emulsion. Emulsion will not stick to any type of oil or grease. This degreaser is a concentrated liquid that will make 2 gallons per 1 gallon of degreaser.
  • Mclogan Emulsion Remover Concentrate product by CCI. This is another concentrated liquid that will make 4 gallons per 1 gallon emulsion remover. After you are done screen printing use this emulsion remover concentrate to remove your emulsion. This will ensure that your screen is ready for it's next job and application of the Mclogan Degreaser.
  • Mclogan Textile Press Wash this product is made by CCI as an eco friendly citrus smelling screen wash. Prevent build up of plastisol inks on your screens with this wash, to ensure that you don't stain your screen or get ghostlike images from your image print.
  • Mclogan Screen Wash (Fast Open 032 Water Based Screen Opener) Aerosol can used for a fast and easy clean up after screen printing with water based inks such as Mazdar 9500 Series, Matsui 301 Series and Permaset Inks. You can not clean a screen with water that you've used for water based screen just doesn't work.
Add these cost effective chemicals into your shops and let us know if you have any questions.
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