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Screen Printing on Athletic Wear

With the fitness industry growing at a rapid rate most screen printers are now familiar with how to screen print on athletic wear. Athletic wear is engineered to keep the athlete dry, comfortable and cool. This is't the best combination for screen printers since these garments can be difficult to print on. First, figure out what material your garment is made of. There are many different synthetic materials used in athletic jerseys, sports apparel and in breathable clothing. Figure out whether the garment you will be printing on is heat sensitive. Your garment will need to withstand the curing temperature of about 275 degrees Fahrenheit. If your garment shrinks, melts or is damaged at this temperature or even a lower temperature then screen printing on that material will not be an option. Next determine the blend or fibers used in your garment and this will help you decide on which ink to use. Polyesters and polyester blends require a low bleed ink. Most of these athletic garments contain stretchable fabric like spandex or elasticine, which again isn't always easy to work with. We recommend printing with International Coatings 7100 Performance Pro Series. The 7100 Series can be printed on 100%
Polyester, Poly-blends, moisture management, and stretch fabrics. It's also ultra low bleed, non-phthalate, stretchable and low curing ink. INK APPLICATION
  • 7100 Series should be used straight from the container without any modifications.
  • Stir well before use.
  • If thinning is required use 1% - 5% by weight 1099 LB Curable Reducer. Using reducers or additives may lower the bleed resistance, opacity and/or stretch.
  • Use 60-305 t/in or 24-120 t/cm monofilament.
  • Any direct or indirect emulsion or capillary film in the 35 to 70 micron range, for best results. Lower mesh counts recommended.
Call us today and we can help you with your next 7100 Series order. images
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