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Screen Printing Supplies Must Haves

Here are 5 screen printing supplies - must haves - that will make the job a little easier.

#1 I always tell my customers screen printing ink is like baking a cake if you over cook it won't taste good, if it's under cooked it won't taste good. Screen printing ink when not cured at the proper temperature will either wash off or crack off the garment. You always want to ensure that the garments are cured at the proper temperature.

Thermolabels are formulated to react within a few seconds when the rated temperature is reached. As each section of a label reaches its rated temperature, that section responds with a sharply defined color change from white to black leaving the printed temperature clearly visible. And, because this is indelibly printed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, it provides an irrefutable record of maximum temperature attained in any area of observation, even when this is otherwise inaccessible as in ovens, washing and curing. Thermolabel products are, therefore, widely used for proof of heat attained in screen printing and textile processing.

  • Temperature Range 290-330F

Screen Printing Supplies - Thermolables

#2 Pallet Tape

Pallet tape also known as application tape for the sign industry is a great way to protect your pallets. Pallet tape will also speed up the clean up process at the end of the day by not having to clean the adhesive off the pallets.

#3 Screen and Squeegee racks

Screen racks are very convenient for any silkscreen shop. They not only keep the clutter of screens on the shop floor but make it a snap to move multiple screens safely to different areas. Squeegee racks also keep your squeegee's handy and out of your way when changing jobs on the screen printing equipment. An organized shop will help productivity and lower contamination.

Screen Printing Supplies - Screen Racks

#4 Test Pellons Test pellons serve a few purposes in the screen printing process. First off these allow you to assure all your colors are correctly aligned before beginning a job, without wasting a good t shirt. You can also test the temperature of your dryer eliminating the possibility of scorching the actual t shirt. The 15"x18" pellons come in black and white. #5 Spot Cleaning Gun Screen printing ink stain accidents will happen during the screen printing process and instead of wasting the shirt you can use a Tekmar TG-300 spot removing gun to remove the cured or uncured ink. The guns use a special solvent to get rid of the ink off the garment. Screen Printing Supplies - Spot Cleaning Gun If you have any questions about these "must have" or other screen printing supplies contact us at 1-800-McLogan or come on in any one of our four locations and our screen printing supplies experts are there to help!
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