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Screen Printing With Discharge Ink

Screen Printing dischargeYou may remember the first time you came across a discharge screen printed t-shirt. I remember feeling the shirt in amazement at how soft the silk screen printing was and how light and airy the whole garment felt. Not only had screen printing processes changed, but the way they spun the cotton of the t-shirts had also transformed.

Back in the day screen printing with discharge wasn't something that most screen printing shops did. The switch happened right around the time the hybrid plastisol/discharge systems came out that many screen printing shops could start experimenting with these silk screen inks. As it turns out printing with discharge was not only in demand both through high-end retail, but also with smaller street style shops. The discharge screen printing process would yield crisp, bright prints that were much more cost effect and that is how the market changed.

If you've never tried screen printing with a discharge ink then there are a few things to look into. First, you want to start with a good base like the Matsui Brite Discharge Base and if you want a color discharge then you will need the Matsui 301 Neo Pigments. We recommend starting with the Matsui Pigment Starter Kit. The Matsui Pigment Kit will give you 4 oz of each pigment and a fixer additive. With the kit you can use the online mixing software on Matsui's website to mix any pantone color. The great thing about having the pigments separate is that there are many different bases you can add to change the look of the print. The Pearl Binder creates a pearly finish, the Metallic Binder has a shimmery/glittery finish, and non-discharge clear bases.

Here's the screen printing equipment and supplies you will need when printing discharge:

For help with your starter kit or screen printing discharge contact one of our McLogan experts at one of our 4 locations.

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