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Screen Printing With Eco Solvent Inks

Eco FriendlyOne of the most versatile means of printing pictures or words on any surface is screen printing. It has been used in various forms to get a message across and to see designs implemented in reality. Most surfaces can be screen printed including signs, labels, posters and clothing. With today’s technological advancements, areas that include the use of screen printing ink have developed tremendously.

Solvent Ink, what is it? Basically, solvent ink is comparatively an inexpensive form of ink. The term solvent is used for inks that do not have a water base and are for ink jet printers.

Where can Solvent Ink be used? The greatest application for solvent ink is in the printing of products that are used outdoors. Known for its ability to last on non absorbent materials, solvent ink is popular because it is scratch proof, water proof and fade proof, making it perfect for outdoor printing.

What are the components of Solvent Ink? Solvent ink has three parts i.e. the pigment, the resin and the carrier. Solvent ink is the oil based carrier portion that maintains the liquid form of the other components and dissolves when applied to a surface. The pigments in the solvent ink produce the color. They are applied in powder form, which allows them to produce the best color. They stick to any printing material through resin, making the color stick and protect it from damage.

Eco-Solvent Ink is a new form of solvent ink. Eco-Solvent Ink is a non-water based ink, made from ether extracts which are taken from refined mineral oil. Eco-solvents are considered as mild, soft inks. A new remarkable innovation known as the Roland ECO-SOL MAX ink is an award winning eco-solvent ink known for its fast drying and higher density properties. The Roland ECO-SOL MAX ink has improved scratch resistance, wider color gamut, a broader uncoated medium support and a lower cost per square foot. The ECO-SOL MAX requires no special ventilation or environmental equipment and is practically odorless. It is the perfect screen printing ink that allows you to print pictures or words on any given surface.

Aggressive Solvent Ink is another form of solvent ink. Aggressive solvent ink is known for its quick absorbing formula that allows printing on any surface and can even handle hot and humid weather conditions. It is also known as a true or hard solvent and is highly scratch resistant and weatherproof.

When looking for the best inks for screen printing, it is always good to do a little research; however, the Eco-Sol Max is a great option for your screen printing project. We are happy to answer questions….just give us a shout!

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