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Sign Gold 22 KT Vinyl

Sign Gold is a product that most people have seen on fire trucks, boats, cars and some signage, but here's some information on why this is a top selling product at Mclogan Supply. Sign Gold is actual gold and silver metal that is deposited into the underside of a durable weather resistant film. The best news is that a sealing agent and permanent self-adhesive are applied creating a super durable film. It's a superior alternative to gold leafing, since you can create your designs on your computer, then have it cut on a plotter. You'll get the same gold leafing look, but with Sign Gold it is much faster and cheaper. Even if you were to go with a standard gold vinyl, the finish would not look like actual gold leafing. There's a brilliance, and texture that comes with using a Sign Gold Vinyl. florentine lgturn xlturn There's 3 vinyls that will be offered on our websites and in stores:
  • 22 KT is a pure gold color
  • 23.5 KT is more of a "yellow" color of gold vinyl
  • .999 Silver is a pure silver color vinyl
22KT and 23.5 KT vinyls are available in 15" and 24" rolls, depending on the finishes. The Florentine Swirl, Satin Surface, Large Engine Turn, X-Large Engine Turn, Large Engine Turn (23.5 KT) are all available in 15" and 24" rolls. The Small Engine Turn is only available in the 15" roll. All finishes in the .999 Silver are sold only as 15" rolls. The finish Large Engine Turn is only available in the 23.5 KT vinyl in both 15" and 24". claymont Sign Gold is a product that will enhance your sign business and is now on our website. boat3
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