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Adhesive Powders

What are adhesive powders and when do you use them? Adhesive powders are used when you do screen printing transfers, rather than a basic screen printed job. It is easier for screen printers to screen print onto a transfer and then apply the transfer to whatever size t-shirt they need, rather than to screen print a lot of garments and then be stuck with wasted t-shirts that didn't sell. The kiosk's at the mall use these screen printed transfers, as well as swap meets, carnivals, festivals, etc. What are the different types of adhesive powders? There are three different adhesive powders:
  1. Fine Adhesive Powders are used on more detailed designs, like high-definition graphics or images with fine lines and edges.
  2. Medium AP's are the most commonly used of the three powders. They allow the adhesive powders to melt evenly when heat pressed while still keeping the integrity of the design.
  3. Course AP's are the least commonly used and are best for larger designs. Block images, large text, etc.
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