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Baselayr Y Series 39x42 LED 450 Watt Single Source Exposure Unit

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With a single point light source, there are fewer angles of light that hit the film and emulsion. Less angles result in diminished light wrap around fine details.* The Y-Series maintain image integrity and resolution. A single point light source can hold the fine detail work needed for Sim Process and CMYK printing.

*Multipoint light sources like UV tubes will have more light scatter, making the finer details more difficult to properly resolve. UV light sources are the worst while LED tubes are far better.

Not only does the single point light source emit the most concentrated light, its bulb type enhances stencils as well. The Y3942 uses a custom, high output LED bulb (405 nm) manufactured for exposure units. The LED bulb outputs an optimal UV wavelength, which can be used on all types of emulsions. Printers can rest assured that the LED bulbs will last more than 10,000 hours, which is better for the printer and the environment.

Plus, the Y3942 has a reflective display, which triples the power of its nearly 450 watt light source. You can expose a 25”x36” screen with photopolymer emulsion in under 10 seconds.

The optically clear, tempered glass in the Y-Series allows more than 99% of the UV light through without disruption to the wavelength. All units feature two, light-safe T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs, doubling the use of the exposure unit as a screen inspection table. The Y-Series are designed to perform.

The vacuum lid creates the tightest positive contact between the glass, film, and emulsion. Having tight, strong contact to the point where the black ink on the film is almost embedded into the emulsion means that light has difficulty wrapping around the film. The end result — a straight, clean burn with sharp edges. Vacuum units provide a superior tool for creating detailed image resolution.

Everything starts and ends in the darkroom. Build a solid foundation from the screen up with the Y3942 today.


    • Single point 450 watt LED light source
    • 7" Touchscreen display
    • 2 SCFM high powered low decibel vacuum pump
    • Durable powder coated steel body construction
    • IEC removable power cord
    • Two, light-safe T8 LED amber inspection bulbs
    • Removable feet to allow easy access into doorways min. 31.5" (29.5" w/o LID)
    • One-year warranty (please refer to the manual for more details)
    • Made in the USA


    • Single point LED light source produces a powerful, concentrated light source that helps create the most optimal stencil
    • Vacuum pump achieves positive contact in 20-30 seconds
    • Vacuum lid creates the tightest positive contact between the light source, glass, film, and emulsion that produces stencils with clean, sharp edges
    • LED light sources exposes screens rapidly compared to UV bulbs
    • LED enhances the amount/levels of possible details captured compared to UV bulbs
    • LED creates a harder, more durable stencil, providing better on-press longevity
    • Doubles as an inspection table and exposure unit
    • Low power consumption
    • LED bulbs last more than 10,000 hours, so you don’t have to replace them as often


    • Unit Dimensions: 36.5"(W) x 43.5" (L) x 37" (H)
    • Optical Clear Tempered Glass: 40.25" x 32.75"
    • Max Exposure Area: 32" x 39"
    • Max Frame Size OD: 25x36
    • Light Safe Inspection Bulbs: 2 rows of Amber LEDs
    • Single Point Light Source: 405nm LED array designed for exposure units
    • UV Wattage: 450 watt
    • Voltage: 115v - 240v
    • Standard 110v 3-prong plug
    • Timer: Android® App, (M.S.mS)
    • Shipping Dimensions: 40" (W) x 45.25" (L) x 36" (H)
    • Ship Weight: 265 lbs