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DIY T-Shirt Screen Printing Shop Kit

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Introducing the DIY Screen Printing kit, the perfect kit for beginners who want to get into screen printing. The kit comes with all the essentials needed to print any image onto a shirt that you or a loved one would want.

What’s Included:

⭑ Pro Screen Printing Press designed by DIY Print Shop® (piston shock, 14"x14" apparel-size platen, powder-coated, screen registration knobs, warranty)

• 1 Screen 16”x20” Framed Pre-stretched 156 Mesh

• 1 Screen Printing Squeegee 10” (70 Durometer)

• Pint of Pitch Black Water-Based Screen Printing Eco Ink

• Pint of Comet White Plastisol Screen Printing Ink (a thicker screen printing ink)

• UV Exposure Lightbulb (fits any light fixture)

• Pro Emulsion Scoop Coater (used to coat your screen with emulsion)

• Yellow Dark Room Lightbulb (fits any light fixture)

• Light-Sensitive Emulsion (used to expose your artwork on to your screen)

• Eco Screen Grease Remover (removes excess ink stains & oils off of your screen)

• Eco Emulsion Remover (used to clean emulsion off of your screen)

• Platen Adhesive (used to help adhere t-shirts & apparel to your platen)

• Heavy Duty Clean-up Scrub Pads Reusable (great for scrubbing off ink & emulsion)

• Art Film Transparencies 8.5” x 11” Premium 10-Pack (used for printing-out your art or hand draw directly on to)

• Roll of Screen Tape (for taping any areas on your screen where you don't want ink to print through)

• Heavy Duty Clean-up Cards Reusable 5-pack (great for scraping ink off screen)

• Clean-Up Gloves 4-pack (incase you don't want to get ink on your hands)

• Parchment Paper 32-pack 8 x 12" (an optional way to dry inks on fabric, place over print and use an iron)

Tips for drying/curing ink:

T-Shirts & Fabrics:

Easy Dry method: after the top layer of the ink is dry to the touch, put your printed t-shirts and/or fabrics in a dryer for 30-45 minutes on high heat. Parchment paper (included in your kit): heat up an iron, then place the parchment paper over your screen print, then simply turn your t-shirt inside out and iron the backside of the print.

Slow Dry, the air-dry method: hang tees using a clothesline (inside or outside) let it dry for a few hours.

Speed Dry, hairdryer method: use a hairdryer and rapidly move over the print to cure the ink - we also highly suggest putting your t-shirts in the dryer after 45min on high heat.

Paper or Wood:

Screen printing paper: simply print paper & let air dry, the ink should dry to the touch in minutes.

If screen printing wood, after the ink dries we recommend putting a clear sealer (polyurethane works great!) over the print, especially if it will be living outdoors.