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Graphtec Blue Top Blade Holder

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Graphtec Blue top blade holder
0.9mm CB09 Standard Vinyl Cutting Blade holder, Blue Top, Black ABS Tip

Graphtec Standard "Blue Top" Blade Holder, designed specifically for all CB09U style 0.9mm blades. In a significant enhancement from previous versions, this updated blade holder has been engineered to eliminate the need for a blade spring, streamlining your setup and cutting process.

Perfectly compatible with all Graphtec CE/FC series vinyl cutter models, this blade holder ensures seamless integration with your existing equipment, offering unmatched precision and reliability. Please note, it is not suitable for use with Silhouette cutter models, emphasizing its specialized design for professional-grade Graphtec machinery.

The "Blue Top" Blade Holder represents Graphtec's commitment to innovation and quality, ensuring that your cutting projects are executed with the highest accuracy and efficiency.