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Orajet 1917 Inkjet Printable Vinyl 8.5" X 11" Sheets

by Orafol
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Size: 10 Pack

Orajet 1917 Inkjet Printable Vinyl is a premium-quality, versatile vinyl designed for use with standard inkjet printers. This product is perfect for creating custom stickers, labels, and graphics, offering an excellent balance of print quality, durability, and ease of use. Orajet 1917 is ideal for both hobbyists and professionals who need a reliable, high-performance printable vinyl for various projects.

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Key Features:

  1. Print Quality: Orajet 1917 vinyl features a matte finish that delivers vibrant, high-resolution prints. The surface is specially coated to ensure sharp image quality and excellent color reproduction, making it perfect for intricate designs and detailed graphics.

  2. Ease of Use: This vinyl is designed to be compatible with most standard desktop inkjet printers, allowing users to print directly onto the vinyl using their home or office printer. It’s easy to cut, weed, and apply, making it a convenient choice for a wide range of projects.

  3. Durability: Orajet 1917 offers a strong adhesive backing that ensures secure application to a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and plastic. Once applied, it remains in place without peeling or lifting, ensuring your designs last.

  4. Versatility: This printable vinyl is suitable for both indoor and short-term outdoor use. It’s perfect for creating custom stickers, labels, decals, and other graphics for personal or professional applications.

  5. Water-Resistant: While not fully waterproof, Orajet 1917 vinyl is water-resistant, making it suitable for applications that may be exposed to occasional moisture. For enhanced durability and protection, it is recommended to apply a clear laminate over the printed vinyl.


  • Custom Stickers and Labels: Ideal for creating personalized stickers and labels for personal items, gifts, packaging, and more.
  • Decals and Graphics: Perfect for producing high-quality decals and graphics for home decor, scrapbooking, and crafts.
  • Promotional Materials: Excellent for creating promotional stickers and labels for business marketing and branding purposes.
  • Short-Term Outdoor Use: Suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to weather conditions is limited, such as temporary signs and event graphics.

Usage Tips:

  • Printer Settings: Use the highest quality print setting on your inkjet printer to achieve the best results. Ensure the vinyl is loaded correctly in your printer, with the printable side facing up.
  • Cutting and Weeding: After printing, allow the ink to dry completely before cutting your designs. Use a cutting machine or scissors for precise cuts, and weed out excess vinyl carefully.
  • Application: Clean and dry the surface where you will apply the vinyl. Use a transfer tape if needed to lift the vinyl from its backing and apply it smoothly to avoid air bubbles.
  • Lamination: For added protection, consider applying a clear laminate over the printed vinyl to enhance durability and water resistance, especially for outdoor use.

Orajet 1917 Inkjet Printable Vinyl offers a reliable and high-quality solution for custom printing projects. Whether you’re a crafter looking to create unique stickers or a business needing professional labels, Orajet 1917 delivers outstanding results with ease and convenience.