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ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades Blue 100 Pack

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Size: 100 Pack

Scraperite 100 MBL Standard Rectangle replacement blades Medium Blue (MBL) one hundred double edged blade pack for Tradesman Standard and Dwarf


These blades are tough. The polycarbonate base compound is similar to the materials used to make bulletproof partitions seen banks and guard booths. The blue blade characteristics have a of value including resistance to bleach and chlorine, making it ideal for use for pool and spa maintenance. These safety scraper blades provide a balance of pliability and strength, conforming to curves and rough surfaces with slightly better resistance to edge wear than the Orange blade. Good on ceramics and stone as well as laminates and vinyl. Blue blades are tough enough for use in boat maintenance above and below the waterline including handling tough barnacle scraping without damaging the anti-fouling paint. This are the PCB polycarbonate blue Scraperite blades slightly reengineered for better performance.