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WrapGlove® GHOST™

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The GHOST WrapGlove® is designed with the highest-performing materials to ensure you have complete control and confidence when working on your wrap projects. With our patented material combination, you can trust that your hands are protected from any harmful liquids while also maintaining grip and control over the wrap film. Not only does it provide superior protection for your skin but also provides an extra layer of protection to the wrap film from your skin oils and sweat. This allows for a smoother installation experience compared to using bare hands, which can cause hotspots, fingerprints, and drag marks in the wrap film. The GHOST WrapGlove® is also extremely durable so you can trust that it will last through multiple installations without stretching or tearing. Additionally, the glove is machine washable and static resistant for added convenience. Experience the ultimate in wrap protection with the GHOST WrapGlove® today!

 One size fit most (spans Medium thru XL)

The WrapGlove® is made in the USA