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Matsui 301 Neo Pigments

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Matsui’s 301 Eco series pigments are super-concentrated, water-based solutions that are available in 12 colors and black. All pigments can be added to any base, and can be mixed with each other. Matsui’s pigments are tested and rated according to JIS standards for light resistance, water resistance, dry clean inability, and heat resistance.


  • Free of environmentally damaging chemicals such as lead, PVC, phthalate,
  •  heavy metals, azo compounds, no
  •  nylphenol and formaldehyde
  •  Ability to use wide range of mesh counts up to 300+ Mesh
  •  Exceptionally soft hand
  •  Intense pigment colors

Matsui 301 Neo Pigments sold in pints, quarts, and gallon



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