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Designed Specifically for You

McLogan Supply wants to take screen printing shops to the next level with personalized consultations designed specifically for you! Upgrading your shop has never been easier, and it will make creating an efficient production line a breeze.

Ready to take your shop game to the next level? Step up with an American-made Riley Hopkins and dominate the industry, or get fully automated solutions from ROQ for a streamlined workflow.

McLogan Supply helps you get the best screen printing supplies from around the globe, right to your doorstep! With our finely curated selection of chemicals and screen printing materials, we ensure that every shop can stay stocked with quality supplies.

At McLogan Supply, you can find the best of the best! With superior professional and quality inks, we cater to your every need by hand-picking top-of-the-line ink and mixing systems that cut costs on-press. Get quality that rivals retail products with ease! Don't settle for second-best, get the best of the best today!

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Colton Moreno

ROQ Representative for McLogan Supply

Colton Moreno has been a proud leader in the screen printing industry. He has worked in some of the largest shops in Southern California and also taught others how to screen print. He's currently a ROQ representative for McLogan Supply and specializes in ink chemistry and production optimization. Colton is always looking for ways to improve customer knowledge and their process of screen printing more efficiently.