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700 Series Pro-Brite CMYK Plastisol Ink

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$39.50 - $350.00
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Color: 724 Pro-Brite Yellow
Size: Quart

Well suited for automated equipment although excellent results can be achieved in
almost any printing operation.


For softer feeling prints on light colored fabrics, use 20% to 25% by volume of 720
Softhand Clear Base. Reducing the viscosity of the ink using 1110 Curable Reducer and
printing through finer mesh counts can also greatly improve the softness (hand) of the
finished print.


The 700 Series inks will spot dry, with a very low after flash tack. Dwell time is dependent
on the spot dryer used. In some cases, you may have to lower the heat of the spot cure
unit because too much heat may actually make the ink tacky. When you spot dry, you are
only partially fusing or gelling the surface of the ink. The ink should be just dry to the
touch, with no lift-off,

RECOMMENDED FABRICS 100% Cotton 50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blends

INK APPLICATION 700 Series Colors should be printed without any modifications

ADDITIVES If modification is necessary, use 1% to 3% by weight of 1110 Curable Reducer for the standard inks and 1099 Low Bleed Curable Reducer for the HP inks

SCREEN MESH Standard Colors: 110-305 t/in (43-120 t/cm) monofilament HP Colors: 61-110 t/in (24-43 t/cm) monofilament

EMULSION Any direct or indirect emulsion or capillary film in the 35 to 70 micron range, depending on the opacity desired

SQUEEGEE 65-70 Durometer Sharp edge

CURE TEMPERATURES 325°F (163°C) entire ink film

CLEAN-UP Any eco-friendly plastisol screen wash

PRODUCT PACKAGING Quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 30 gallon or 50 gallon containers

STORAGE OF INK CONTAINERS 65º to 90ºF (18ºC to 32ºC) Avoid storage in direct sunlight Keep containers well sealed