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Avery DOL 6060 Anti-Graffiti Laminate

SKU AVDOL6060-5425
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$406.25 - $406.25
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Type: High Gloss 1.0Mil
Size: 54 Inch x 25 Yards

Avery DennisonⓇ DOL6060 Anti-Graffiti is a clear polyester overlaminating film specifically designed to safeguard indoor and outdoor markings, decorations, and graphics from permanent damage caused by chemicals, solvents, and graffiti paints.

Key Features:

  1. Chemical and Solvent Resistance:

    • The DOL6060 overlaminate provides a robust barrier against various chemicals and solvents, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the protected graphics.
  2. Graffiti Protection:

    • This film offers excellent protection against graffiti paints, making it easy to clean off unwanted graffiti without damaging the underlying graphic.
  3. Versatile Application:

    • Suitable for use over both screen-printed and digitally printed graphics, the DOL6060 enhances the durability of a wide range of graphic materials.
  4. Mechanical Protection:

    • The overlaminate also protects graphics from mechanical damage such as scratches, abrasions, and physical wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.


  • Prolongs Graphic Life:
    • By shielding graphics from harsh environmental elements and vandalism, DOL6060 extends the life and maintains the appearance of the graphics.
  • Ease of Maintenance:
    • The anti-graffiti properties simplify the maintenance process, allowing for easy removal of graffiti without affecting the underlying graphics.
  • Enhanced Durability:
    • The film's strong resistance to chemical and mechanical attacks ensures that graphics remain vibrant and intact for longer periods, even in demanding conditions.


  • Indoor and Outdoor Markings:

    • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, DOL6060 is perfect for protecting signage, decorative elements, and informational graphics.
  • Public Spaces and High-Traffic Areas:

    • Especially useful in environments prone to vandalism or harsh chemical exposure, such as public transportation, schools, commercial buildings, and urban settings.