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Franmar BEAN-e-doo Textile Ink Cleaner

by Franmar
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$15.95 - $174.95
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Size: Quart

The cleaning power combined with the unique attributes of this screenwash makes it truly amazing! Tired of dealing with strong odors and corrosive chemicals of other screenwashes? It's time for you to switch to BEAN•e•doo® for your screenwashing. BEAN•e•doo® is naturally made from 100% soybeans. It contains no dangerous vapors or odors to aggravate your senses while you work. Oops, get some on you hands? Don't worry! BEAN•e•doo® won't harm your skin and can be washed off with water. Since it is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, you don't have any disposal problems to worry about. Still using mineral spirits to save money? Switch to BEAN•e•doo® and save even more.BEAN•e•doo®
Textile Ink Cleaner
Made from soybeans • 100% Biodegradable • Non-Toxic and Non-Caustic

1. Remove all tape residue from frame edge.
2. Pour or spray a small amount on the screen (do not dilute).
3. Work in with scrub brush or Franmar’s White Biggee Pad.
4. Wipe with damp shop towel or rinse clean with water.

To Use:
BEAN•e•doo® Textile Ink Cleaner does not evaporate, a water rinse or cleaning with a damp
shop towel is necessary to remove the oil residue.

Tip #1 Less is more! Control amount by using a spray bottle - six
or seven squirts is all that’s needed to clean a standard size
Tip #2 Use a dedicated pad for each solvent to avoid mixing
chemicals and extend life of the pad.
Tip #3 Pressure washing facilitates a clean screen.

BEAN•e•doo® Textile Ink Cleaner eliminates the use of mineral spirits and
other volatile solvents while saving you time and money! BEAN•e•doo®
was the first product introduced by Franmar Chemical to replace the
caustic, toxic, high odor products, and at a fraction of the cost.

BEAN•e•doo® effectively cleans screens without the odor and is drain
safe. Low VOC and 100% Biodegradable, this amazing ink cleaner reduces
the hazards of screen reclamation to workers and the environment!