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Screen Printing 101 Class | March 15-16, 2024
Screen Printing 101 Class

Franmar Color Change

by Franmar
Original price $25.95 - Original price $94.95
Original price
$25.95 - $94.95
Current price $25.95
Size: Quart

Franmar Color change can be used as a screen opener, color change, or for cleaning up the screen after the job. To meet the need for changing colors or opening clogged mesh areas during a screen print job, Franmar forumulated this revolutionary product that cleans as efficiently as chemicals such as Methylene Chloride without the negative safety and environmental impacts of such chemicals. Very economical. A quart will do almost 35 standard textile screens. Color Change's super solvency and low odor allows for effective cleaning without the traditional sovlent odors and VOC concerns.

  • Works great on Plastisol inks and All-purpose inks
  • Safe on-press screencleaner
  • Replaces aerosol screen cleaners
  • Cleans 35 standard silkscreens per quart
  • Great for all textile screen printing shops
  •  Quick color changes
  •  Great screen opener
  •  100% biodegradable


1. Remove excess ink from screen.

2. Pour or spray a small amount of COLOR CHANGE™ on both sides of the screen (the less the better).

3. Work in with McScrub Pad or a nylon brush.

4. Wipe both sides of screen with a damp shop towel. If cleaning the screen in a washout booth, spray clean with water.

5. Use a dry shop towel to wipe dry. Screen is now ready to re-tape and re-ink. If tape does not stick, wipe again with a damp shop towel and allow to dry thoroughly. COLOR CHANGE™ is designed to be removed with a damp shop towel.

Screen opener directions
(replacement for aerosol screen opener)

1. Spray small amount of COLOR CHANGE™ on a shop towel.

2. Wipe screen area clean.