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Ghost Off (Oxidation Remover)

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$14.95 - $33.40
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Size: Quart


Restores weathered surfaces and easily reduces ghost sign images.

GHOST-OFF restores weather exposed surfaces and easily reduces ghost sign images from vehicle surfaces.   Ghost-Off is a ready to use, non-toxic, biodegradable commercial strength solvent. Simply spray onto a dry oxidized surface, wait approximately one minute and then agitate with a soft truck brush. Follow with a rinse from top to bottom with cool water and watch the white oxidation rinse away! Ghost images disappear before your eyes as oxidation is easily cleaned from weathered surfaces.

 “I can’t believe how good my old truck looks! And it took no time,” said Hank Edelson, President of HE Office Solutions upon seeing his recently cleaned box truck. “I thought I would have to repaint to get rid of the previous company’s logo. This product saved me a bundle!” Dennis Lasik, co-owner of CrystalTek™ added, “We make products that are environmentally conscious and work great. You don’t have to sacrifice safety for productivity anymore.”